Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Years

December 2, 2007. Not only was that my wonderful sister's 29th birthday, but it was also the day that our family was kicked out of our church. Almost two years ago now. Feels like forever ago, and feels like just yesterday.

You'd think that after two years, I'd be over it. You'd think that after two years, I wouldn't think about it on a regular basis. You'd think that after two years the ache in my soul would have diminished. But it's still there. Everytime I think about it, and especially now as the anniversary of that day looms, I feel like being sick.

The kids were so little then. AJ was about to turn 5, Drew was 3 1/2 , Megan was just 1 1/2, and of course little Kay wasn't even born yet. They were so small, so innocent. And thankfully, they still are. AJ is the only one who really remembers anything, but mercifully, his memories are vague.

Unfortunately, my memories are still fresh. I can remember that day and the emotions of those moments like it just happened yesterday. It's easy to dwell on it all, and get depressed and sad.

I have about two weeks until that dreaded anniversary. I'm going to spend the next two weeks focusing on everything I am thankful for this year. Focusing on the good that has come from the evil that happened that day. Focusing on my God and the faithfulness He has shown to me even in my darkest hours. I'm going to forget what lies behind, and reach forward to what lies ahead.

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