Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty Wonderful

At this moment, I am sitting at the dining room table across from the man I love. Between us are two laptops, a candle, and a book. He is engrossed in Lilith, and I am supposed to be answering three pages of questions about the Old Testament.

However, as I sit here across from this exhausted man, I am struck by how different he is than the man I married almost nine years ago. Not only has his physique changed from a skinny teenager to a muscled man, but his entire demeanor is different. Every once in a while he glances up at me with love in his eyes and winks at me or tells me some fact from his book. I nod and smile, not interested at all in what George MacDonald had to say, but very interested in listening to my man share a little piece of his heart with me.

He notices me watching him and asks, "Is this all you thought it would be? Sitting here, with four kids--all asleep, me reading a book, and you at your computer?" And I tear up and smile, and say, "It's pretty wonderful."

These are the moments I live for. These quiet, normal moments. These are the moments that I can't get enough of.