Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A story.

She is exhausted, yet lays awake in the dark all alone. Her hand reaches to the empty space next to her, and she rolls over with a sigh. The red numbers of the clock confirm her already consuming fears. She slowly stands up, heart pounding, and tip-toes to the hallway. She gazes at the blue glow coming from under the office door, and tears stream quietly down her face. She feels so alone in this never-ending nightmare. She hates him. She hates what he is doing to their family. Her mind churns with thoughts of leaving, running into the arms of a man who might actually love her and care about her. And then she remembers that nobody would want her… Her with the broken body, frail mind, and fragile soul. She feels as if she’s trapped, pacing back and forth, sniffing around for a way of escape. Eventually she retreats back to the solitude of the bedroom. Covering her head with the soft blanket, she dreams restlessly of happily ever after.
She awakens with a jolt. Her body sits upright, and she glances at the clock. Her hand reaches over and her fear is realized as she finds a pile of blankets but no body. Her heart starts to race, and her mind starts to panic. She’s been in this place before, and she dreads the coming moments. As she climbs out of bed, and pads quietly into the hallway, she can barely control her breathing and the tears that are already brimming in her tired eyes. She quietly follows the light into the living room, and there he sits. His back is to her, and he doesn’t suspect that he is being watched. And at that moment, her breath is taken away. Tears begin to stream down her face, as she sees her man intent on the Bible in his lap. She begins to shake as she realizes that she is watching the very scene she had dreamed about all of those years ago. She loves what God has made him. She loves what he is doing to their family. And she tip-toes back to bed to rest in her happily ever after.

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