Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning

I stand above little number three, braiding her hair and listening to the sounds of the house.

Eggs sizzle on the stovetop. My best friend adds some ham and cheese and stirs them to perfection. Littles number one and two stand nearby, chattering about Mario and levels and "dad, why are you putting cheese in the eggs?" Little number four stands on a stool playing in the silverware drawer. The hum of the washing machine drowns out the snores of little number five who is snoozing in her cradle.

The house is full of constant motion. These little ones, they never stop moving, never stop talking, never stop asking questions.

And this moment, this Sunday perfection. It's exactly how I envisioned my life years ago when I was just a little one myself playing with my dolls.

They sit down to eat, and the chatter continues. And my heart swells. And I thank the one who gave me so many blessings.

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