Monday, April 18, 2011


There is blood on my hands.  Under my fingernails, in the crevices of my knuckles, deep in the prints of my fingers...  The sight of it makes my stomach turn, and I anxiously turn on the water and start scrubbing. 

It won't come off.

I add several squirts of soap, and I rub my hands together a bit harder.  Most of the red rinses down the drain, but some remains.  I keep my hands under the hot water, and I close my eyes. 

For a moment I can imagine the BANG BANG BANG as the nails plunged through His hands and into the wood.  And I realize that I am holding the hammer.  His blood is on my hands.

Tomorrow we celebrate Passover.  This is a brand new tradition for our family.  We will read about the Israelites who put the blood of a lamb on their doorposts, and we will celebrate the Lamb of God who willingly shed His blood so that judgment will pass over those who believe in Him. 

Redeemed.  Purchased.  Covered.  Restored.

By His blood.  His precious blood.

This blood that stains my hands tonight comes from a lamb.  Not a spotless lamb, but a simple lamb that I found in the meat section at Walmart.  A lamb that will be our dinner tomorrow night, and will remind us of the incredible sacrifice of grace that was made on our behalf. 

I didn't expect the symbolism to affect me so deeply.  I didn't expect to cry while cutting up the lamb.  I didn't expect my heart to feel anxious and guilty as I tried desperately to scrub the blood off of my hands. 

My Jesus, my Savior...  His love is overwhelming to me.   And the blood on my hands?  Gone.  For he has washed me and made me whiter than snow.


  1. "White as snow, white as snow, though my sins were as scarlet, Lord I know. Lord I know, I am clean and forgiven!" Thinking of what JEsus did for me, always brings tears to my eyes. THanks for sharing, Laura!

  2. It's awesome what God has done for us. The passover is a wonderful picture of the things that were to come, and have now come. We asked my Sunday School class if they would like to join us for a passover meal. I don't think any of them are planning to, but we are going to use the opportunity to teach our children about God's love, grace, mercy and deliverance.

  3. Cindy Sykes,

    Ray's father Alan sang a song called "Precious Blood" I was reminded of him singing when I read what you had to say. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed Passover meal.